Thursday, February 5, 2009

the show must go on

If you were prego, what would it stop you from doing?

Drinking, I'd hope. And you better not be smoking. And.. You probably don't want to ride any rollercoasters or do crazy flips or anything either. [Even though, I've seen plenty of people do it in the gym!]

And, I'd like to think, if you were famous.. Maybe a rapper or something.. You wouldn't want to be performing on your due date...

But apparently that's just me, because Miss M.I.A. is still set to perform on the Grammy's this week, despite the fact that it's her due date.

I mean.. I can MAYBE see singing a nice ballad, or even just singing something quick. Presenting.. Sure! Go right ahead!!! But rapping?! That baby is going to come out just READY to get jiggy wit' it!!! ;-P

Okay seriously though.. I'm just imagining this girl performing, getting all into it, and then her water breaking. And it's a really funny sight in my head. Can you see it? Are you laughing?! Yeahhh...

MIA, girl, I wish you luck! With this performance and the baby.. Cuz if you're performing "Paper Planes," I'm sure gunshots and cha-chings is exactly what a baby wants to hear when it enters the world.


PS: The show is also going to include a duet of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Oh goodie.

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