Monday, February 9, 2009

so true

Whether you're a Skins fan or not, Chris Cooley's blog is a great one to read. He's not the only writer, and they put up funny videos quite a bit of not only the Redskins, but other players and teams as well.

One of the writers, "Fat White Guy", writes about college football and other nonsense. He's a Bills fan. But this week, he wrote a fabulous post about the Steelers/Mike Tomlin.

It's short, and you should check it out yourself, but I thought it was funny and would share it with you. He compares the Steelers to the Yankees, who NEVER stop talking about how many titles they have.. And he also points out that Tomlin has a twin.. Omar Epps.

He couldn't be more right on. But if you want to check out more, click here! :)


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