Monday, February 9, 2009

finally we see them

First we knew someone had 8 babies. Then we knew her name. Then we found out she was crazy and what she looked like. And now, we finally get to see what we wanted to see the whole time... The Octuplets.

Psycho Single mom Nadya Suleman shared all of her kids with the Today Show, including their names. And don't worry.. They get right to the point for once.

She really didn't know some of their names right away, which is awkward.. But I think the worst part is she said she's not ready and has NO plan!!!

Uhh.. Lady.. You were prego for a good.. 6 or 7 months. And they've been here for 2 weeks. You haven't figured out what you're going to do with FOURTEEN KIDS?!?! 8 of which are NEWBORNS?!

It's still very crazy to me, and they look like little tiny aliens. Almost not real! I feel like a machine is making them move or something because there's no way they can move those huge heads on their own.

Welp.. I hope yo get it figured out soon, Nadya. You only have a couple more weeks..............


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Tanner Cooley said...

Great post. I love the "prego" line. Who knew Juno would have such an impact on the world