Wednesday, February 4, 2009

say byebye

This isn't the newest article ever, but I know a lot of people haven't heard, read, seen, whatever it. And it's fun, so I'm sharing. :)

It's the 25 things that are about to vanish out of our lives! POOF! Be gone!

25. Outhouses/Pit toilets. Well, I think these really vanished a long time ago. Plumbing/running water is a necessity.. Unless you're camping, of course.

24. The Yellow Pages. True story. Who needs a huge book to look and dig through when a number is needed? We have the INTERNET! Well, I guess sometimes you need a good booster seat... But there's always the print version of the Encyclopedia/Dictionary for that.

23. Classified Ads. Yep. Nowadays, we have Craigslist!!

22. Movie Rental Stores. Yet another thing being replaced by the internet. Helloooo Netflix.

21. Dial-up Internet. Unless you're from 1999, this is a bad idea. No one wants to wait 234987 hours to download a picture anymore.

20. Phone Landlines. Honestly, I don't know why they require house phone numbers on forms these days. No one is ever home, but they've ALWAYS got their cell phone on them. Therefore, no need for a house phone. Unless it's the cool V-tech ones.

19. Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs. This is sad. I don't want them to vanish. But, FOX 5 News told me they were, several times, over the summer.

18. VCRs. Alright, seriously, I think everyone needs to keep their VCR! I mean really, some of the BEST movies you have are probably on VHS. I'm sick of everyone acting like there's no need to keep them. I'm not rebuying my movies!

17. Ash Trees. Not sure what these are, but apparently they're peacing out, thanks to the emerald ash borer beetles. Thanks a lot, guys.

16. Ham Radio. Ya know, those people who kinda invented their own radio stations/shows? The amateurs? Thanks you Internet for making that go away, as well.

15. Swimming Holes. THIS has to do with the fact that everyone is a worry-wart nowadays. You always have to worry about getting sued, or losing your kids, or whatever, so people are closing them down because of the fear of getting in trouble. Stupid. Let the people liveee!!

14. Answering Machines.

13. Cameras with film. My aunt told me it was hard for her to find a roll of film for my cousin's Christmas present! What the heck! Things should ALWAYS be out there to make it possible for everything to be in hard copy.

12. Incandescent Bulbs. Two words: go green.

11. Stand-alone Bowling Alleys. AKA, they've gotta have a bar, more recreation, or restaurant attached to it. It can't ONLY be a bowling alley anymore. But, Woodbridge seems to still be going strong with this so I'm happy.

10. The Milkman. Yeah, another thing that I think skiddattled outta here a long time ago. I don't even understand what they are.

9. Hand-written Letters. This saddens me, too. Kids aren't putting notes in their friends' lockers anymore, they're texting. You can't save texts forever! What are you kids going to look at to remember the memories when you're moving out of your house?

8. Wild Horses. I still feel like the wild horses on the beach aren't really wild. I believe that someone takes care of them and brings them inside at night. But, I'm probably wrong, huh? Or maybe I'm right nowadays! Who knows.

7. Personal Checks. We can thank ATM cards and how we think we have endless money just because we have something called a credit card for this one.

6. Drive-in Theaters. I think the closest one I know of is an hour from my home.. Which is pretty far. I've never been to one, but when I hear people talking about them, they seem sweet. However, I think they've been RIP'ing for a long time, also.

5. Mumps and Measles. Who knew that these were still around?! Woah.

4. Honey Bees. Apparently this is the fastest pummeting necessity on Earth right now. I'd rather not be stung, but I guess we need the little guys, so COME BACK!

3. News Magazines and TV News. Very real. People can read magazine stories online, and they can see the videos there, too. Magazines will go first though, I think.

2. Analog TV. All I'm sayin' is.. I hope you have your converter box.

1. Family Farms. Uhh.. sure.

Welp, there ya have it. Things you need to make sure you make your peace with ASAP because you don't want to turn around and it suddenly be gone, right?! That would suck.


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