Tuesday, February 10, 2009

mermaids are real

This girl was recently featured on a TV show, which I didn't see, but I decided to look her up.

Her name is Shiloh Pepin, and she's 8 years old. And she's a mermaid.

Okay, so she's not living underwater and swimming with Flounder, and yelling at Sebastian, but her legs are fused together, just like a mermaid.

The thing that I love and that amazes me the most about these people is that they always seem so optimistic. She knows she's different, but she's handling it so well. And her mom knows she's not supposed to be here today, but she still seems incredibly optimistic about the future.

This isn't exactly something to say "OMG THAT'S COOL!" about.. But it's definitely interesting. And it IS cool that they're all so happy!

But I mean hey, it is kinda cool to see what you've always dreamed about. Now maybe a horse will accidentally grow a horn and wings... Maybe?

It also reminds me a little of the Disney Channel Original Movie, The Thirteenth Year. Except... It's NOTHING like it. :-P


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Anonymous said...

Thats so cool