Tuesday, February 10, 2009

keeps getting worse

This story keeps getting more details confirmed, and each time I get more upset about it all.

There is NO WAY Chris Brown is going to be able to bounce back from this, and that saddens me.. A lot.

Tuesday 1pm
  • Rihanna's injuries are "horrific," and stem directly from Chris's fists..
  • There were no weapons used.
  • She denied treatment at first, even though it was evident that she needed it.
  • SHE did not call 911, someone who heard her screaming called.
  • TI talked to Carson Daly, saying that he did talk to Chris Brown.. “Yeah, I spoke to him today," said the rapper. "He cool, you know. I guess he a little concerned about the situation, but he’s still the same Chris.” He also said we need to remember that they're celebrities and they make mistakes, and we shouldn't judge him. ....Mistake?!?! This is turning out to be very serious.
  • There ARE pictures out there of Rihanna's injuries, and you can bet I will have them on here ASAP.
Until then, check out Chris talking about past family abuse issues:

And some things that Ryan Seacrest talked to Ken Baker, from E! News about:
[You can listen to them here.]

"Police found RiRi in a Lambourghini alone, hysterical. She looked badly beaten with bruises all over her face and bite marks on her arm... Chris had fled the scene on foot, and she didn't have keys to the car. Her eye was in bad shape, badly swollen... Chris hasn't been seen since Sunday night, and we have no comment from him whatsoever...."

Wow. Just.. Wow.

6pm Tuesday
  • Chris's side of the story may be out... But who knows how reliable the source is. But it sounds kinda legit, and kinda truth-left-out
  • Articles are being pointed out that show Rihanna saying she is used to fighting guys in her life with weapons.
  • The DA is not ready to prosecute yet. They still want a LOT more answers from reliable sources... Not gossip blogs. ;)
I keep saying over and over again that I just don't know what to think. I can't go judging either of them yet because we DON'T know EITHER of their sides of the stories. We might know the real story from Chris's friend, who knows. ANYTHING could have happened, and THAT'S the truth. All we know is that they got in a fight, and Rihanna is hurt. That's the only truth right now, really. So we can't go hating either of them yet. Fights do happen. Beating a girl shouldn't. But do we know that's what happened? Technically, no.

  • Sources inside the investigation say that Rihanna is claiming that Chris choked her to the point that she passed out. When she woke up, Chris was gone.
  • Chris's rep is remaining quiet. Rihanna's rep says she is well, and thank you for the support.
  • Chris has lost his "Got Milk" campaign, CoverGirl is standing by Rihanna.

I'll keep everything coming as I know it..


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