Tuesday, February 10, 2009

tunes on tuesday 021009

Welcome to Tunes on Tuesday!! Maybe one of my favorite days!

Here are some new songs and videos that you need to listen to, enjoy, and maybe even download.

Ludacris ft. Plies--> Nasty Girl

I'm diggin' this.. But I like Luda, so maybe that's to be expected. It's funny/raunchy/and a good beat, so what is there to complain about?

The Dream--> Rockin That Thang

I also have really been enjoying The Dream. His voice is super pretty, as I've said before.. The video is interesting, but I kinda like it. Maybe I'm just in a good mood? Who knows.

Robin Thicke--> Dreamworld

I don't love it, but I definitely don't dislike it either. It's just a little plain to me, that's all. It's a good song to study to or something, ya know? Something to calm you down but not grab your attention. :)

Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat--> Lucky

Umm, I love this song. They really are a good match music-wise, and they need to do it more. They performed it on Ellen, and I loved every second of it. I've been hooked ever since, and if you like their stuff, I think you will be too.

Ron Browz ft. Forever the Sickest Kids--> Jumpin' Out the Window Remix

Yeahh, I like this one too. It'll get you hype! If you're about to go work out, or you are working out, I feel like this is the song to do it to.

Romeo ft. Akon--> Get Low Wit' It

Okay, if you can get past the fact that Romeo still looks like he's 10, it's not a baddd song. Anything with Akon is good, right?! I'd give the song a C+ if I was its teacher.

Jazmine Sullivan--> Lions, Tigers and Bears

This girl is somethin' else. She's got a serious talent. I love this song. I like the lyrics, the meaning, I like the tune, I like her voice.. I like it all.

Ballas Hough Band--> I'll Do It For You

A boy/girl music group? Are they S Club 7?! Okay.. Far from it. But I'm thinking I'm in a good mood because this song is good, too. It's VERY pop.. So if you like Pop music, you'll like this. Plus, it's cute. :)

Rebstar ft. Trey Songz--> Without You

This song is NOTHING like I expected it to be after the beginning of it.. And I still don't know if I really understand the video, but whatever. This Rebstar guy is okay.. Not the best.. But I LOVE Trey Songz, and he definitely saved the song. So it's definitely downloadable.

Darren Kozelsky Band--> Good Day to Get Gone


This new country band is GOOD STUFF! I love this song. It's one of those "I just got paid now let's get outta here and have a good time" songs! I love it. And the rest of their stuff is good, too.

Eric Church--> Love Your Love the Most

This is just a nice little love song for Valentines Day. :) It's nice and slow and chill and all about loving everything... But your love the most. How precious.

Well, that was quite a playlist for ya there! Download and enjoy!


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