Tuesday, February 10, 2009

here's your answer

Everyone has wondered, at least once, what goes on behind the scenes at a news station. And by behind the scenes, I mean during commercial breaks.

What do they talk about? Do they talk? Are they funny, or do they stay serious ALL of the time?!

Well, here's your answer, thanks to WNG9 News in Chicago.

Oh wow. This is so Parent Trap on crack, right?! That's probably the longest handshake I have ever seen in my life, and I'm fascinated by it. How do they remember all of that?!

As someone who "worked" at a FOX station, and works with WVU News, I have seen what happens behind the scenes and during commercial breaks.. But I still ask the same question you all do. They talk and look at their laptops a LOT, which just brings up another question: What are they looking at?

It's just like when they're talking at the end. What are they saying? I guarantee you it has nothing to do with the show. I always assumed porn, just because they're always so secretive about it. I learned last week that some of the reporters here were talking about the Manning brothers, and delicious meals they had recently eaten.

If it were me, I'd be looking at love, elizabethany during commercials, of course. Who knows.. You may even find porn on there.

Anyways, though I've never witnessed anything like that fun-time those Chicago anchors had, I'm still amazed. That's a lot of memorization, and they still managed to come back in full-serious-mode. Bravo!


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