Tuesday, February 10, 2009

trouble in paradise

If you're wondering why Rihanna and Chris Brown are BOTH missing from the Grammy's right now, it's not because of a car accident, or them being sick.

Chris Brown got in a "domestic fight" last night, after the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party, with an "unidentified woman."

Apparently they [really, we don't KNOW it was Rihanna, but it's assumed..] got in a fight in his car, then stopped the car, got out, and she had "noticeable injuries.

So both of them backed out of not only performing, but ATTENDING the Grammy's!

No! This can't happen! They're the cutest little couple right now! And if he really beat a girl, that's going to change how he's looked at big time, which isn't good. AND they were both nominated and performing, on music's biggest night.. And this all ruined it. Wayyy to go guys.

I just hope it wasn't RiRi. But I'm sure it was. And I hope the "visible injuries" are tears or something. Maybe?


UPDATE!!! 3:00pm Monday

It HAS been confirmed that it WAS Rihanna. Chris turned himself in last night, then posted his $50,000 bail to get out. He's looking at charges not only for the domestic battery, but he also threatened authorities or something.. I'm not too sure, everything is a little fuzzy at this point.. But I figured I'd put it all out there.

I'm pretty sad, man. I don't want to change how I think about the guy at all. Apparently he has a history of abuse with his family or something, which may be where this behavior is coming from. Yikes. :(

11pm Monday!

Rihanna has officially canceled her 21st birthday party celebration!! Her birthday is February 20th, and they've already decided to cancel the event that has been in planning mode for weeks! But apparently she has been in the hospital, and not cooperating with authorities, even though she has already identified Chris as her assailant. People are saying she has a black eye and scratches. Some are even saying her jaw is broken and there are bite marks... But that sounds a little absurd.

Chris has canceled his appearance at the NBA All Star game this weekend, and is also looking at losing his deal with Wrigley's.

Man oh man. It's crazy how one argument can change a life. Or two.

2am Tuesday
Rihanna is officially out of the hospital, but no one knows where either of the two are at this point.

Chris Brown apparently threatened her and she is "afraid for her life," according to authorities.

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Caitlin M said...

i dont see how he can come back from this. even if she doesnt give him up, people will never look at him the same. :( <3