Monday, February 9, 2009

because you want to know: the grammy's

As always, I'm sure you've been on the edge of your seat just WAITING to hear what I have to say about the event of the weekend.

No, I don't mean Chris beating Rihanna. I already told you about that. I mean the Grammy's.

First of all, if you didn't tune into E! Network to see Seacrest on the red carpet, you missed out on a show. The man must have been drinking, or just not slept in a week, because he was clearly in outer space. He kept asking really uncomfortable questions to people, but seemed so disconnected. I don't know.. It was weird.

I don't know if this is the best example of it, but here he is with Jennifer Hudson.. Who he used to talk to regularly on American Idol:

And yes, that's Punk. Her fiance. Or "baby" as Ryan thought. Weird.

Moving on... Whitney's big "comeback." Did she do it? My opinion: No. However, Britney didn't do it the first time either. She needed a second chance, and she nailed it then. So I'm sure no one is giving up on Whitney yet. They can't. She was just a little cracked out still last night.. No big deal.

PLUS, she DID sing at the Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party the night before, and sounded pretty good. Not as mind blowing as we're used to.. But she's still got some pipes. [I know, it's a terrible video.. Deal with it. She starts singing around 2 minutes.]

The sound was killin' me. During so many performances, the mic was clearly not rigged up to the broadcast or something, because it sounded like a live concert being recorded on someones video camera. It was terrible, and made amazing singers like Carrie Underwood sound bad.

But, she IS Carrie Underwood, so even though the sound wasn't working, she still sounded pretty good.. And as always, looked amazing.

Honestly though.. Overall, the performances really disappointed me. Yeah, maybe Rihanna and GF-Beater [:(] could have helped, but I just wasn't impressed overall.

For example... Why was one of the most hyped up duets MILEY and TAYLOR?!?! Neither of them are really amazing singers, and they're even worse live. There's just a lot more people out there who could have filled their spot.

And SPEAKING OF DUETS!!! Stevie Wonder performed. That's always something anyone is going to look forward to. But... Who'd they pair him with?! The JONAS BROTHERS!!!

Seriously, I'm all about combining generations and things like that... But this is not okay. Stevie is a legend. The JoBros are not.. No matter what any teeny bopper may say. [And I'm allowed to say this because I, too, was a teeny bopper growing up. Big time.] I mean yeah, it sounded okay and everything... But c'mon. This is like a sin or something! And didn't Stevie used to say he wouldn't be a part of such things?!

A good example of combining generations DID happen last night, though. Some of the Four Tops combined with Jamie Foxx and Neyo to do a montage of a songs.. And it was FABULOUS! Jamie and Neyo fit RIGHT in swagger-wise, and they're amazing singers. It just fit. You could feel the chemistry, and how they really knew this was something special for everyone.

Speaking of swagger, you KNOW Kanye had to be up on that stage sometime. And of course TI, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, and the ever so PREGO MIA. It started off black and white which was interesting, but it was a good performace.. I won't even lie.

Anddd speaking of TI.. He was also on stage with Justin Timberlake (replacing either Chris or Rihanna's peformance) for Dead and Gone. Good stuff, for sure.

On top of that, I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but there wasn't a whole lot worthy of sharing. Coldplay peformed, which a lot of people may like actually.. But I still haven't figured out the fascination in them. U2 opened the show. Album of the year winners Alison Krauss and Robert Plant ALSO performed.. But it still left the question of "Why'd they win?"

And, of course, Katy Perry told us all one more time, that she did in fact kiss a girl.. And yes, she liked the taste of her cherry chapstick.

Weird performance.

I know I'm forgetting plenty, but thanks to my computer crashing earlier today, I lost all of my notes, so these will have to do.

As usual, I love hearing what everyone had to say, and what you noticed that maybe I didn't, so please share!!

Overall though.. I just wasn't impressed this year. I think they could have been a lot better, and made some better decisions not only about performances, but about the awards too.

YAY for Jennifer Hudson though!!!


PS: I'll put up red carpet pictures tomorrow. It's all too much right now! :-P

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