Saturday, February 14, 2009

for the ladies

So, they say Valentine's Day is the holiday for the ladies. Ya know, they get all the good presents, the lovin', their guys/girls tend to get a little more emotional for them.. It's nice.

A lot of times, the girls don't get presents for the guys for whatever reason. So, if you're one of those selfish [I don't mean that..........] people, here are 12 things that men find romantic that aren't hard to do.

1. Dress up for him.
2. Touch him all over.. All the time.
3. Give him a night out with the boys.. No strings attached. [Okay, not tonight though! ;-P]
4. Show up at his office.
5. Tell him what a big, strong guy he is. [Only if his ego isn't big and strong already, though! Kidding........]
6. Plan an out of the ordinary date.
7. Make sex with him a big event.
8. Score him a pair of tickets to a big game. [We know that.]
9. Show interest in his outside life.
10. Tell him a secret.
11. Slow down dinner.
12. Do a sexy, slow, strip-tease. [Well, duh..]

I could go into each and every one.. But I am a real person who wants to celebrate a little today. :) So, quick posts are my thing of the day.

However, I do think it's a nice, helpful list, eh?! Simple things can go a long way, for sure.


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