Thursday, February 12, 2009

cooley got carried

It's always awkward throwing up your hand for a high five and no one doing anything to satisfy your desire.

What do you do? High five yourself? Wave it in someone's face? Call out the awkward moment? There's just no right answer.

But imagine doing it in front of THOUSANDS.. No.. MILLIONS of people... That's what happened to Redskin Chris Cooley.

During the Pro Bowl, right after Fitzgerald scored a sweet touchdown [Imagine that, he won a jump ball battle...], Cooley was running straight for him for a celebration of any kind, and Fitz just ran RIGHT by him.. Leaving Cooley stunned.

Oh my goodness. I can't stop laughing. You can sense the awkwardness through the YouTube screen.

But, there's two good news's in the end. #1: Fitz got carried, too. He goes up for the chest bump, and no one is there to be his other half. #2: Chris was right by the locker room, so he was able to just walk right in for halftime.

He explains the WHOLE thing on his blog, which as always is hilarious, so make sure to read it. He'll have you rollin'!

Thank you Chris Cooley #47 for once again giving me, and all Redskins/football fans, something to be entertained with. :)


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