Thursday, February 12, 2009

all my single ladies and fellas

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, and a lot of people sans-valentine, there's no need to stress! There are plenty of things you can do to have a good holiday completely solo!!

So, in honor of top 10 Thursday, here are the

Top 10 Things for the Single Person to do on Valentine's Day

10. Become a chocolate tester.
Be honest. All you really want on Valentine's Day is a box of chocolates [because you never know what you're going to get, of course]. Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't have one. If you need a excuse, say you're a chocolate tester and you need to taste every single kind of chocolate so that people will know if it's good or not. The extra plus side to it: Chocolate always makes you feel better.

9. Get a makeover.
If you're one of those people who feels really down about not having a valentine, and refuses to do anything fun because "only couples celebrate this holiday of love," do something productive that will get you somewhere. AKA change your look. If no one likes you now, maybe they'll like you after. Do the whole 9 yards.. hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, sexy new clothes. Maybe if you're done on time you'll actually wanna do something fun afterwards.

8. Spend some time with yourself.
This could mean a number of things. Watch a movie, just make sure it's not one that's going to make you lonely. Dance around in your underwear and sing into your hairbrush. Take the longest bath of your life. "Enjoy yourself," if you get what I'm sayin'.. Just have a good time and realize you ARE lovable... Someone's just missing out.

7. Go to the bar/club with some friends.
There's no better place to meet other people in a fun atmosphere, right? Chances are everyone there is single [unless they're all over their valentine.. Then you know they're off limits.. Obviously.], and probably looking to meet someone and have a good time on the lonely holiday. So put on your best outfit, take a shot, and GO FOR IT!

6. Sign up for a matchmaking site.
If you're REALLY lonely, and you feel like you can't find anyone by luck, why not try a matchmaker website? Most of them offer a free month, and with so many people being lonely on Valentine's Day, there will probably be an endless amount of people taking full advantage of their free month from February 14-March 14. Jump on the bandwagon.. It's okay.

5. Go to dinner with friends.
Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend to go on a dinner date on Valentine's Day?! No one! Gather some of your friends and go to a super nice restaurant. [Or, McDonald's also sets up really nice on the holiday.] Enjoy each other's company, and make fun of all the mushy couples around you. How disgusting, right? Well, except for that precious couple who just got engaged... That's nice.

4. Buy yourself a nice "single" present.
There's no point in being ashamed of being single. Be proud! Let everyone know that you're okay with goin' stag. So what if you roofied yourself?! You're just trying to have a good time. Who cares if you're going home alone?! You like to have a lot of space in your own bed. And really, you don't like people invading your bubble anyways.

3. Buy a pet.
There's no better companion than a pet. Whether it's man's best friend, or a simple fish, it's nice to have a heart that will never let you down. Plus, they have a nice way of always listening to you, no matter what nonsense you're talking, or how many gallons of tears are gushing out. You'll never be lonely again.

2. Find your little black book and put it to use.
You have one somewhere. A list of everyone from your past and their phone numbers, and how you rate them. You've also got Facebook to see if they're still single. Put the two together, throw your shame out the window, and make some phone calls. Why sleep alone tonight when you could be with someone? [Added bonus! Your number won't have to go up any!]

1. Host or go to a singles party.
A party where everyone is single is OBVIOUSLY a good idea. Everyone's available and looking for a good time, no matter what that may be. Break out the spin the bottle, 7 minutes in Heaven, truth or dare, sex dice, and twister games, and it'll really get crazy! Make sure to look your best and don't be afraid to be the biggest flirt there.. No one will hate you for it. Except maybe the person who wants to be just like you.

Hopefully you're day is all set now and you have a good idea on what to do! Enjoy the day, no matter what!


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