Sunday, February 22, 2009

the best ever

Last week I was talking to someone who was trying to apply to "the best job in the world..." Or so he said.

Basically, someone gets this job for 6 months in which all they do is hang out in probably the most beautiful place I have ever "seen," blog about it, and clean a leaf or two out of the pool.

And oh yeah.. They get about $105,000 to do it. FOR SIX MONTHS!!!

Just look at how beautiful this place is:

This is real. I'm not making it up. And these pictures are real.

All applicants have to do is submit a 1 minute video right now. Then the top 50 are picked and people vote, and then it's dwindled down from there.

So, I went through a BUNCH of the applicants videos, and this is who I think should win:

Okay so I might have lied. I didn't go through a bunch. This is actually my friend that I've known since I was about 6. She'd be PERFECT for it, PLUS.. She said anyone could come and visit her while she's there.

So, do us a favor.. Go here and give her a 5 star rating. Then, we can all feel connected to the person who gets this job in the end. You would have helped! :)

I promise, she won't let anyone down. Do it!


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