Sunday, February 22, 2009

he's only 11!

It's terrible to hear a murder story.. Duh. It's really scary and sad to hear one about someone shooting a family member's significant other.

But here's a curve ball: A man's girlfriend was killed by his son... Who is only 11 years old.

In Lawrence County, PA, an 11 year old shot and killed his dad's girlfriend on Friday. Oh and another curve ball: She was 8 months pregnant... Due in 2 weeks.

You're probably thinking, "Oh no.. A story about a kid playing with a gun that he found in Daddy's closet." That's not the case at all. This kid OWNED the gun that he used. It was a shotgun that is designed for the use of children.

Here's another pitch: The lady, only 26 years old with 2 other kids, was found by her 4 year old daughter, who then went and found landscapers to simply say "my mom died."

And yes, investigators do believe it was done on purpose.. Not an accident. So they're charging the boy with criminal homicide and homicide of an unborn child.

Final curve ball: In Pennsylvania, they say anyone over the age of 10 can be tried as an adult. And for what he's being tried for, he could be spending his life in jail.

Holy ess. I have so many questions/comments/things I want to scream right now.

Why did he have this gun at 11 years old?!? How would any little kid get the idea in his head to kill someone he lives with?!

That poor little girl is going to be SCARRED for the rest of her life.. And she's only 4. And this boy is looking at spending his whole life in jail, at the age of 11.

Wow. Wowwowwow. This is insane. I hope something comes up and shows that he didn't mean to do it. At least then I'll feel a LITTLE better about it.


PS: Here's the news package from CNN:

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Anonymous said...

the kid is barely tall enough for the height chart!