Monday, February 23, 2009


I've always heard that trampolines made Homeowner's Insurance go up, and I got so mad because I didn't understand why. Then, I saw some trampoline bloopers and completely understood why my mom never got us one.

First of all.. I'm mad that the legit trampolinists didn't get caught by their coaches and slammed their heads onto pavement. That's not okay.

Also, people jumping off of rooftops just isn't smart. How could you ever think that was a good idea?!

As a note to my mom, and other moms like mine: Just because professional trampolinists are falling, doesn't mean it will happen to us. We won't be stupid about having a trampoline and will always use them with the best of intentions. Also, if we ever do jump from the roof onto the tramp, we promise to always have a pool on the other side for us to fall into.


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