Friday, January 9, 2009

unusual trio

A lot of times we're going to see a couple together, whether it be humans or animals [such as the absolutely ridiculous video from yesterday..], and just kind of laugh and keep going.

This little trio of friends has a bond that's unbreakable and not exactly what you'd imagine happening.

Mr. Gregory Pike is an animal lover. So, he got himself some animals. A dog, Booger.. A cat, Kitty, and a rat, Mousey.

Now, in any normal circumstance, you'd think "These 3 could never get along." WRONG!

In fact, in order to keep up with each other, Mousey climbs up on Kitty, who climbs up on Booger. Booger takes care of Kitty like it's his own child, and Kitty does the same with Mousey. Don't believe me?

It's really pretty incredible. The cat is actually licking the rat clean. And they really are just all laying on top of each other like bunk beds!

I love it. And I know my girl Ellen DeGeneres would love it too, so I definitely sent it her way. :)

We should definitely be able to have peace everywhere if these 3 can.. All I'm sayin'.


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