Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tunes on tuesday 010608

It's the first Tunes on Tuesday of 2009! Woohoo!

So, why not start out with the 2009 version of Mariah Carey's Hero. And yes, it's her redoing her own song.

Here's what I don't understand: Why redo your own song, when it was amazing in the first place? I get that she's trying to promote her ballads album and everything, but I just think the first version was amazing.. So I can't support this one. Sorry!

Rihanna ft. Chris Brown--> Bad Girl

This is a coincidence that I have this for this week, right after its rumored that there MIGHT be a diamond ring on a certain someone's wedding finger.. Anyways, yikes, uhhh.. I wish this was a better song. I can't talk bad about my girl/guy! I love both of them! I mean, it's not terrible. Maybe it'll grow on me... Yeah, it probably will. ;)

Ciara ft. Young Jeezy--> Never Ever

Wow, I didn't expect for this song to be slow because of who it is! But this is a really good song, and I fully enjoy it. [Probably no surprise to anyone who's a regular reader.] It's not the nicest thing, though. "He will never ever love you." Dang. Heart= broken.

Eminem ft. Dr. Dre and 50 Cent--> Crack a Bottle

Shady's back.. Back again. And just like he says, he's back with Dre. I don't think that it's anything different than what we'd expect from Mr. Slim Shady, but I'm not sure it's my favorite by any means. Not terrible, but I'm not blown away.. So I'll just let you guys be the judge of it. [I do think the lyrics of the chorus are really hilarious, though..]

Asher Roth ft. Jim Jones--> I Love College (Remix)

This is such a fabulous song! Not because of how it sounds, but because the words are absolutely fantastic and I love it. And I can imagine them being the titles of many Facebook albums.. :-P Not that Facebook is my life or anything, though..

Tim Mcgraw--> Nothing to Die For

I finally found a place to get new country songs for you country fans!! :) But this is a very typical, wonderfully nice song by Tim McGraw. Another one of those live your life to the fullest songs that make you feel nice and want to get out and do something great. I enjoy.

Shane O'Dazier--> I Hate This Town

HAHA! This song is fabulous. It reminds me of EVERYONE in NoVA. We have good things to say about it.. Sometimes anyways.. But at the same time, all anyone wants to do is get out of here and complain about it to the max. This is a silly song, and I fully enjoy it. And I have no idea who this Shane guy is, but his other stuff isn't bad either, so maybe we're about to hear more from him. I guess we'll see!!

Alright, there ya have it! Hopefully I got something for everyone! I'm back on the grind so keep checking in as you always do!

And break out that iPod... Now!! ;)


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