Tuesday, January 6, 2009

really great show

I never thought I'd ever say this, but I probably would have paid a LOT of money for the Jonas Brothers' concert in Nashville on Sunday.. And actually, I'm mad I didn't know about it in order to make it possible to go.

But I'm not crazy.. Nor am I turning into the teeny bopper that I.. used.. to be.

Their concert had all kinds of A-LIST singers OPENING for them. Or singing with them, or whatever.

For instance, Tim McGraw AND Faith Hill opened up and introduced the brother-trio. And Martina McBride performed "Independence Day."

That's not even close to being it for the list of guest performers.

Amy Grant sang her hit from the 90s, "Baby Baby," and Michael W. Smith sang "Place in this World."

Then, duets/collaborations happened. Joe Jonas joined Jordin Sparks for "No Air" and Kevin helped out Brad Paisley with "Waitin on a Woman." Check out the videos if you wish.. But I must warn you.. There's a lot of screaming every once in a while.

[I don't think they're the BEST duets I have ever seen, but they're not terrible, I guess. If you can hear past all of the screaming..]

And, Phil Vassar, Steven Curtis, and Vince Gill also joined the JoBros to sing the classic "The Weight."

Finally, to wrap it all up, EVERYONE came together to sing the HUGE classic "American Pie."

Wow. Seriously, I wonder if this was something all of the fans knew about, or a bunch of surprises. Either way, it's pretty cool, JoBros or not. And I'm really, really jealous of people who were there.

If you don't like country, you might not understand or agree with me.. But this is really cool, and that's all I have to say for now.


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