Tuesday, January 6, 2009

news worth your while 010609

There's been a couple of news stories that aren't exactly moron-ic, if you will.. But down right crazy or weird that I'd like to share, and you'd like to hear, I'm sure of it.

First of all, have you ever felt like there was someone in your house but maybe you were just going crazy? Or you felt like things kept disappearing but obviously that was impossible.. You probably just misplaced them.

Well, for one family, they really were disappearing.. And it wasn't any kind of magic trick. Nor was it someone breaking and entering into their house.

Actually, it was someone hanging out in their house, and never leaving. Someone was living in this family's house in PA for about a week.. Check it out:

Uhhh. How CREEPY is this?! Talk about a creeper, seriously. Forget those people who show up in the background of your pictures.. What if a shoeprint showed up in your room at random? This is not okay. But honestly, the next story is even more not okay...

Let's say you're 17 years old and like smoking pot. [I'm not condoning this, nor do I think it's a good idea.. I'm just saying, let's pretend you're this weirdo I'm about to tell you about..] You're desperate for a "tool" to smoke out of. Where would you go to find something to make one?
A) Your fridge
B) Your kitchen
C) Your friend's house
D) A graveyard

If you picked C-- You're wrong. If you picked D-- Ding ding ding!!!!!!

This creep and his friends went to a graveyard and dug up the skeleton of an 11 year old boy who died in 1921.. Taking the skull with them. [Officials actually identified the boy whose skull it was... Wow.]

They then decided that the best idea for this skull would to be to make it into a bong.. But, it turns out, it was not so much a great idea.. Imagine that. The 17 year old is now going to be sitting in jail for 240 days.

Um, kid.. You're freakin' WEIRD. This is NOT OKAY! Seriously.. What do you think when you smoke out of a skull of a REAL PERSON?! Wow. Gross. I don't know what else to say.

Sorry if that was a little morbid or whatever, but this next story is only a TAD better.

A guy in Connecticut headed out on November 1st to take part in a tradition that has lasted 20 years with his wife.. Buying lottery tickets.

Later that day, while mowing the lawn, the 79 year old had a heart attack and died.

The end. No, I'm lying. But that is kinda crazy. Anyways, his wife and family grieved for a while, and then on Friday, she decided to take the lottery tickets in just because.

Turns out he was a winner. A huge winner. A winner of 10 MILLION $$ !!! I guess it belongs to her and their family now, though..

And the greatest part about all of this, that might make you giggle rather than tear up or something, is that his wife, who is 78 years old, when asked what she would do with the money, stated that she has always wanted a Corvette.

Hmmm.. "mid"-life crisis? I mean, that's incredible that she got that much money.. I'm sure it eases the pain a LITTLE bit. And it's down-right hilarious that she mentioned a Corvette.. Even if she doesn't end up buying it.

Yeah, so, there's some weird people out there, and there's some lucky people, and just interesting overall. I am constantly amazed by the things I hear that people actually do. Holy wow.


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