Tuesday, January 6, 2009

she's got a hottie

Is Amy Winehouse going to sneak back into the spotlight as a not-so-ranchy-and-weird girl?! The last post I had about her was her body, which wasn't nearly as bad as you'd expect, and now, she may have a little hottie boyfriend!

While she's been out in St. Lucia on vacation, she met some rugby player who she's been getting pretty comfortable with. Check it out:

I mean seriously, this guy's name is Josh.. And uh... He's an attractive guy.

Should we assume he's some sort of gold digger and thinks/knows Amy doesn't have much more to give if she keeps living how she is, or is he.. somehow.. genuinely into her?!

Or maybe, he sees that her body is getting a lot more healthy as the days go buy, and seriously believes in her. Hmmm...

I never thought I'd say this, but I might be a tad, tiny, itsy bitsy bit jealous of Amy Winehouse right now.. Woah. Wait. Weird.


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