Tuesday, January 6, 2009

you know you've wanted to

Every time you go through a car wash, what are your thoughts?

They're probably nothing like "I hope my car is going to be clean" or "If this wax isn't perfect, I'm suing."

It's probably more like "This looks so cool" or "I wonder what it would be like if a person went through this thing."

Well, wonder no more, my friends! This big boy here at Sunoco tried it out just for you. [Or maybe for his friends, or just people in general..]

Why this is so fascinating, we may never know. But I'm hella glad that I now know it's nothing crazy until the wax comes.

What I'm most upset about is the fact he didn't get to feel the drying part of the wash. I bet that would have been something special.

Either way though, this is fantastic. And now my dreams have been fulfilled through someone else's life. I can die happy knowing that someone won't die while being washed by a carwash.


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