Monday, January 5, 2009

smell delicious

What's the best way to attract someone? Well, scent of course! Maybe a nice cologne or perfume, or definitely Axe can do the trick, right?!

Or, maybe, you could try this new, sold out fragrance called "Flame."

Who makes it, you ask? Oh, minor detail. Burger King makes it.

And no, I'm not lying. They came out with a fragrance that smells just like a nice, flame-broiled burger.. And people are sweeping them off the shelves.

They say that since the Whopper is America's favorite burger, they captured that love in this little bottle, and you're going to love it. [And the way they present it on their website is hilarious.]

I'm personally a fan of the Big Mac more than the Whopper, and last time I checked, working at BK would give you this smell which is NOT very attractive, but, hey, uh... Whatever floats your boat!

Plus! If you're someone trying to lose weight, imagine having to smell this on your significant other or even yourself all the time. You would CRAVE it way too much. Which is simply not okay.

I don't know, BK.. But this seems weird. And all the people buying it, I hope it's for some gag gift or something.


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