Monday, January 5, 2009

find your soulmate

Are you looking for love but can't find it? Maybe you've tried everything.. Or so it seems. You've been out to random places, met new people.. Even done the thing.

Well, I bet you haven't done this-->

Yeah, I'm serious. This is really out there. You can go on this website and find women who are currently in jail but are looking for love. You can even find out when their release date is, and what their favorite jail activities are.

For example you could write to 53 year old Cynthia, who says the gypsies write songs about her. She likes to run, read, and draw, and guess what! She's up for a parole hearing this month! YES!!

If she's not your style, maybe Tammy is. She's 32 years old and before being locked up, she was a MODEL with a GED! What a CATCH! Now she likes to read and work out, and really just wants to get a friendship started because after all, "Attraction is not about a person that's perfect, but loving an imperfect person perfectly."

Finally, there's Aisha. She's only 20 years old with some high school education in her. Now, she's a mentor until next year when she's released. She says she'll answer ANYONE'S letters.. But older men are what she wants. Pff, if that hasn't turned you on.. How about the fact that she's fluent in spanish!?

All I'm sayin is.. If you're really desperate for love.. You'll try anything right? So how desperate are you? Or, maybe you just like the badasses.. Who knows. But check it out if you wish.


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