Monday, January 5, 2009

true story

There have been reports that *gasp!* Soulja Boy was assaulted and robbed last week.. And now he's speaking out.

He's CONFIRMING the stories.. Saying he and his friends got into "a serious situation" with 6 other men.

And, those 6 other men are speaking out too. Apparently two of them posted a video saying that they did burgle him, and that they had one gun involved between the six of them.

Hmm, THAT sucks, Soulja Boy.. And good thing no one was hurt!

..I wonder if they even tried to fight back? Well, okay, that'd be stupid if the others had a gun.. But seriously.. This sounds like a stupid, regular fight..

And by regular, I mean one that happens around the country probably at least once a day. Not okay, but ya know..


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