Tuesday, January 20, 2009

say byebye to BUSHisms

As President George W. Bush quickly becomes just plain ol' W in less than 3 hours, there are some things we are sad to see go.

And yes, I'm serious. What I mean are his sayings. His Bushisms. They've been entertaining those of us who have a sense of humor and realize there's nothing we could have done to save this country [besides assassination, of course] while he was in office.

So, let's remember a couple of them.

David Letterman picked these 10 as the best MOMENTS: [My personal favorite it #4, just because I love awkward moments.]

These are just a couple more moments. Ignore the ending..

"I have no doubt in my mind we are going to fail.." Well, at least he knew it.

And this video has "American Idiot" in the background. Awesome.

Since I can't get enough of them, here's just one more.. To make sure we get em all. Or most, anyways.

This is my all time favorite quote from our beloved president..

"Wall Street got drunk, there's no question about it. That's the reason I told you to turn off your TV cameras."

Why are these people laughing?! I mean, okay. It's funny. Really funny. But if I were there I'd be like "What the h is going on right now?!"

Anyways, thanks for the memories George W. Bush. soon you'll just be a Mr. and not President, but it's okay.. Because we'll have these moments to remember when we think of your presidency.


PS: Even MORE greatness on this countdown site. He had something great for every hour that Bush had left in presidency. [Minus the hours the author was sleeping, I guess..]

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