Tuesday, January 20, 2009

two of a kind

There's a show on truTV that I have never heard of until now, but after this clip, I want to watch every episode.. And hopefully all of it is as good as this.

It's called "The Principal's Office" and is all about how hard it is to be an administrator and how they discipline their schools.

In this segment, two guys got in trouble for grinding with people at a high school dance. Ya know, the rubbing of body parts while dancing..?

I don't need to explain anymore.. They do it all for me. So just watch. Now.

What smart asses! I love every second of it! Their definition of grinding, and then how they acted it all out!

"This is so appropriate right now. He's tying his shoe, and I'm stretching."

If there were more of these kids in the world, it would be a better place, because clearly the principal is speechless, and let's be honest.. What's wrong with a little grindage?!

I dub them heroes of the week on love, elizabethany. And it's well deserved, no matter what you think.


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