Monday, January 19, 2009

he's hers in '09!

If you don't watch Ellen, and you haven't read any of my blogs, then you might not know that all season long, now that she's on the Warner Brothers lot, Ellen DeGeneres has been trying to catch, or uh, somehow persuade him into coming on the show.

Well, today was the lucky day for all of the fans out there!!

I thought it would be the last episode of the season, but I guess she can't keep everyone waiting that long.. And plus, with all of the things she has done to lure him in, there's not a whole lot left she can do!

Here are some of the things she did in '08 to get that hunk.

All I'm sayin' is, whoever plans all of these things, or comes up with the ideas, whether it be Ellen or not, is a smart cookie. Seriously, these are GENIUS ideas! And hilarious!

So, how did she finally reel him in? Well, she hollered at former Cincinnati Reds players Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan, who George apparently loves. They went outside of his office to play a little catch and whatdoyaknow, it's George Clooney comin' out! Imagine that!

Apparently he doesn't like to do talk shows, and his people did a lot of "complaining" about all of the things Ellen did, but PFF! This is a People's Choice Award winning talk show! She will get what she wants! And what her fans what, of course!

So YAYY ELLEN! I'm excited for you! And for all of us fans! And THANK YOU GEORGE for finally coming through!

Now what will the rest of the season brings? You can only find out by watching.. Which you should do.


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