Thursday, January 29, 2009

the worst

It's SUPER BOWL WEEK!!! So how does love, elizabethany get prepared for such an event? Well, a football themed Top 10 Thursday, of course!!

In order to pick what I wanted to do, I thought of the 2 teams in the World Championship of football.... And it clicked. One of the teams [I'm not going to say which, but it should be pretty obvious] has really obnoxious fans. What makes them so obnoxious? A lot of things. Some of them being within the

10 Worst Things an NFL "Fan" Could Do or Be

10. Doin' it For the Love of The Significant Other
I don't care if you didn't really have a team to begin with, or you just want to make your boyfriend or girlfriend happy... You should never become a "HUUUGEE" fan of a team just because you're with someone who is. Support them, fine. But just because your baby got you a Tom Brady jersey, doesn't mean you're a Patriots fan. You've still got a lot of proving to do.

9. Dishin It But Can't Take It
There needs to be a WRITTEN rulebook for all football fans, and one should read "If you're going to dish out all the smack talk, you have to be willing to take it, too." If you're going to be calling everyone in your phonebook saying "YOU'RE GOING TO GET CRUSHED!" you better be answering that phone when you lose. And if you're really a fan, you'll either have a good defense for it, or you can be a good sport and say "You're right. You won, and you deserved it." [I know.. Sometimes that feels like you're taking a knife to the stomach.]

8. Terrible Towels
I love traditions, and it's cool that the Steelers have a nice little tradition in their towel, but it's effing annoying. Seeing those bright yellow things twirling around is like seeing confetti or something. It's distracting! I don't know how the players don't think so, too. And yes, I DID hate it when the Redskins had their white towels for Sean Taylor, as well as the "white towel" idea during the White Out at WVU. It's obnoxious no matter who it is.

7. Copy Cats
Speaking of taking the idea of the terrible towel, I hate when a team has a signature cheer, look, idea, WHATEVER it may be.. And then other teams take the same ideas. Don't redo the terrible towel. Don't have every team start spelling their name for a chant. And don't everyone start getting one bright color to accent their jerseys/attire.

6. Switch-a-roo Fans
So your team lost. Maybe it even went 0-16. And yes, the Steelers are headed to their Super Bowl looking for their 6th Super Bowl win, the most in history. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT become a Steelers fan, or anything else for that matter, just because your team is losing. Each year, different teams get better and worse. Be patient. Be a true fan. Don't ever give up.

5. Lame Chants/Songs
Newsflash: Almost everyone over the age of 3 can spell "eagles." They can also spell "jets" pretty easily. So, we probably don't need to hear anyone spelling out their team names over, and over, and over again. We also don't need to hear you singing "Fly Eagles Fly," because let's be honest.. The lyrics are lame. "Here We Go" is also obnoxious, unless you know all of the words.. Then, I won't hate TOO much. If you have something great like "Hail to the Redskins," consider yourself blessed. ;)

4. Pink [or Black] Jerseys
You have team colors for a reason, and none of them include pink. So don't buy a pink jersey. If every team has a pink version of jerseys, which they do, you're not going to stand out by wearing it, and you'll actually just be saying "hey, I'm a fan who's not really a fan and just wants to pretend to wear a jersey." That being said, black jerseys are just as bad. [Unless, of course, you're a Raiders fan.] Where are your team colors? Those colors that are picked are the biggest part of being a fan and displaying your spirit and pride.

3. Bipolar Fans
It's natural for a team to have a downtime. They're going to miss tackles, and they're going to throw interceptions. They're also going to fumble, and miss field goals. It's going to suck, a whole lot, but you should NEVER start screaming at your team about how much they suck, how your quarterback is terrible, or... Whatever you do... Do NOT stop watching the game because you're so mad. The game is never over 'til the clock runs out, and there's always a chance of coming back. So what happens then? Are you going to start jumping up and down chanting and saying you love your team?! Probably. And that's wack. Love them, through thick and thin.

2. Ignorant Fans
I know a lot of people have been on one side or the other of this conversation: "O-M-G I LOVEEEE THE GIANTS!!!!!!!" "Really?! That's awesome! Who are your favorite players?!" "Eli Manning, duh." "Yeah but.. Who else?" "Oh you know.. They're all pretty good... I can't really pick more favorites......" You're lying. You don't know your team. You don't know your coaches, you can't name 10 players within 30 seconds, and you have no idea when the last Super Bowl was that you went to. You're not a fan. You're someone who says they like a team because their family, friends, boyfriend, or whoever does, too.

1. Rhinestoned/Altered Jerseys
I can't tell you how many times I have seen girls with bedazzled jerseys. Every time I want to shoot myself, and them. I have even seen an AUTHENTIC jersey cut up, and tied to look "fashionable." I wanted to throw up; I couldn't believe it. Do you see sparkles down there on the field? [Minus the grillz shining in the sun] Do you see them running around in heels or with different styled jerseys? No. You don't. So we shouldn't see you lookin' like that while watching football. Wanna see how out of control it gets? Click here.

So as Sunday comes along.. Just make sure you're not any of these things I just listed. No one likes these fans.

If you are one of them, hopefully you have someone just like you, or else you're watching the game alone. Have fun with that..........


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Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Elizabeth Bethany...I just wanted to clarify that all the jerseys/shirts on my site were made for the wives/girlfriends/mothers/children of the players. NOT FANS. Maybe you should have done some more research before you blabbed...oh I'm blogged.
Leah Miller