Friday, January 30, 2009

here comes another countdown

When I get pumped about things that I think you need to get pumped about as well, I make countdowns.

The latest countdown: The premiere of the new season of Making the Band 4. [AKA MTB4.]

Danity Kane is down to 2. No one has heard anything from Donnie besides on the show. And the guys are struggling to keep it together.

I'm SUPER worried they won't be able to stop fighting, and Diddy will do that snap of the fingers and kick some people out.

Also, Willie and Que were always the two that held everyone together. They are the mature ones. The ones who seemed like brothers from day 1. If they can't keep it together, I'm REALLY worried.

Anyways, get pumped! It's time to find out if Diddy can REALLY keep a group together or not!!! [Yes, it lies in his hands. He's just got to give them a chance and not give up on 'em. And... they need to be produced and promoted better. Period.]

13 days!!!!! February 12th baybays, mark your calendars!!!


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