Thursday, January 29, 2009

toughen up, DC!

If you live in the DMV, you know that when snow comes your way, the town is about to freak their freak.

Sometimes schools are CLOSED just because it's 20 degrees out and a 10% chance of snow. Then they proceed to dump this SAND [no, not salt.. It seems to be more like a beach out here on these roads] all over the roads. Everyone suddenly doesn't know how to drive, and if they are, it's like they're off-roading on the beach.

So, when Barack Obama basically called DMV-ers a bunch of p-words, I can't say I blame him. I actually completely agree.

Before a press conference, he wanted to talk about the weather.. And how his daughters' school was cancelled for.. Ice?

Check it out: [Go to about :25]

Seriously, B, why are you SO smart?!?! You've been here for what.. 9 days? And you've already got us figured out?!

I love that he said Sasha and Malia would be playing outside for recess in Chicago. It really makes us look like some.. Mm.. Pansies.. If you will.

So DC, Maryland, Virginia... We need to A) Holler at WV and find out what kind of salt THEY'RE using.. Because whatever it is, it's like magic. And B) Learn how to drive/act/control ourselves when a dusting falls on the ground. [Because let's face it.. That's all that ever really happens around here, anyways.]


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