Friday, December 26, 2008

unusual item

What is the weirdest thing you have ever bid on on Ebay? Or, if you haven't ever done it, what is the most off-the-wall thing that you desired?!

Maybe, was it by any chance, a tissue? No? What about a tissue that Scarlett Johansson blew into while on The Tonight Show...?

If it didn't catch your interest, I don't blame you. I do, however, blame the people who bid over $5,000 for such a thing.

Yeah, apparently Scarlett was on with Jay Leno and had to blow her nose. They then decided to save the tissue and put it on Ebay, then donate the money to charity.

There were over 80 bids for this stupid, snot infested tissue, and the closing bid was $5,300. Don't believe me? Click here.

Uhhh... That's outrageous. And ridiculous. And stupid. And flat out DUMB.

Who does that?!? Who is this person that won? Ugh, at least the money is going somewhere good.... I hope.

To whoever bought this... thing... If for some reason you HAPPEN to stumble upon this page, I'd love to hear why you wanted it so bad.. Thanks.


PS: This is officially my 500th post!!!! Time to celebrate!!!! And maybe I should even put the rights to my first ever post on Ebay and make some money.. No? It won't work? Darn. Cheers, anyways!!! :)
Also, soon I will have my 10,000th visitor! I wish I had a way of knowing who it was and rewarding you. Meh, just let me know if it IS you.

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