Friday, December 26, 2008

not true

You know all those things your mom tells you are true so that you'll listen to her?

Well, we've always assumed some of them aren't true, but we listen anyways. Others, we might just believe her.. After all, Mom is always right, yeah?!

Well, thank you to CNN, we have 6 holiday-themed myths that are proven NOT to be true!

1. Sugar makes kids hyperactive--> Untrue! Sugar intake has no affect on kids, based on a recent study. Food dye might have more of an effect, but that's besides the point. The kids act the same, but the parents perceive them to be wild. AKA The KID is right in this situation!!

2. Suicides increase around the holidays--> False. They're actually MOST prevalent during the summertime.

3. Poinsetta plants are toxic--> Urban legend. Yeah, you shouldn't eat too many of these nice, holiday flowers.. But you won't die from them, don't worry. Just be ready to have it come back up. And to get hit in the back of the head for being an idiot who ate them in the first place.

4. You lose most of your body heat through your head--> Incorrect. You lose most of your body heat from ANY skin that is exposed to the cold. Your grandma just wanted you to wear that "cute" hat she got you for Christmas.

5. Eating at night makes you gain weight--> Wrong. The time of day in which you eat has barely anything to do with your weight. It's all about the calories. So go ahead, have your midnight snack. Just make sure it's an apple or something.

6. There is a cure for a hangover--> Lies. Want to get rid of that headache? Drink some water and take your butt to bed for a couple hours. There's no "cure" for the morning after.

So, some of those are exciting.. I love keeping cereal next to my bed for at night... But no cure for a hangover! Yikes.. That sucks for the people that get them a lot..


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