Wednesday, December 24, 2008

all around the globe

Think they don't celebrate all over the WORLD?! Or maybe you just wonder how in depth they get in their celebrations or decorations.

Well, take a look at these Christmas light displays from everywhere all over the globe to see just how into the holiday people get.

The United Kingdom!

Also in the UK, this guy goes a little over board on the outside...AND the inside:

Someone in NJ puts up a new "icon" every year. Like Elvis, Santa, or the Statue of Liberty.

Apparently they LOVE flashy lights in the Phillipines.. And I'm diggin' them too!

Everything is a gift in London.

Babes in Toyland!! I mean, Illinois.

Apparently Santa is REALLY bright these days.. And arrives via airplane.

This is in Germany, where I guess they have competitions to see who can fit the most in their lawn.

You'd think it was a Cowboys fan family's house with all those stars.. But they're from Brazil. And everyone loves their lighting ceremony.

The Bronx takes pride in their Rockettes, I guess.

Just in case Santa and Rudolph might be afraid of the dark, this house in Brazil could light up the whole country!

These are something else. I'm not sure that they're all pretty, although I do like the Phillipines one, but they're certainly extravagant. Dang.

I hope ya'll accumulated it all over the years because that's, well, what I'd like to call a lot of money.


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