Wednesday, December 24, 2008

never too old

How old is TOO old to be going to visit Santa and tell him exactly what you want him to bring in that big ol' sack of his?

I say never. You can do it whenever you please. And the celebs agree with me!

Here are a couple pictures of them hangin out with Ol' Saint Nick himself!

First of all.. How come Santa Clause looks different in almost every picture?! Wow.. He must get his beard trimmed a LOT! And it probably grows fast, too. AND! He packs on and puts away pounds like it's his job it looks like! He's so magical, that man.

He also has the hott girls all over him! Only one guy actually posed with him, and SOMEONE was impersonating Mr. Clause! How dare him!

Glad Mrs. Clause made it out at least once, though!

I wish I had a chance to see you this year, Santy. :( Hopefully you know exactly what I want anyways!! ;)


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