Wednesday, December 10, 2008

tunes on tuesday 120908

Not only did you get the interview/exclusive freestyle from PHZ-Sicks for Tunes on Tuesday, but I also have these new songs for you to check out!! :)

Ryan Leslie--> How It Was Supposed To Be

Hmmm.. Unless it's the computer I'm using, which thank goodness isn't mine, I think the beat is entirely too loud over his voice. But, if I'm wrong, then I think it's a pretty good song. His voice is pretty, whoever he is, and it has a nice beat. Not necessarily a party song, but one to hang out to. I give it a C+.

Fall Out Boy ft. Lil Wayne--> Tiffany Blews

Woah, Interesting. Fall Out Boy and Lil Wayne?! Goodness.. Lil Wayne is literally EVERYWHERE. And I'm going to be honest for once here, I'm not a huge fan of either of them, but this song is good. Maybe I'm in a good mood, who knows... But I can definitely play this over and over again. Maybe my favorite Fall Out Boy song ever. [PS--> Wait for Lil Wayne.. It comes late in the song, and is very T-Pain with the computer sounds I always mention how lame it is.]

Mya--> Shy Guy

Woah! She's alive! And apparently coming out with a new album called "Sugar and Spice." And this is actually a remake from Diana King's version on the Bad Boys soundtrack, which reached #13 on the Billboard charts. I like it, it's a cool song. It's very much like EVERYTHING we're hearing on the radio or in mainstream or whatever right now. Go figure. But it's like saying guys shouldn't want the pretty girls, but the real girls. Instead, no fly guys please.. A shy guy is better. Maybeee I agree. I'm kinda excited for her to come back though.. Hmmm...

The Game ft. Ne-Yo--> Camera Phone

The Game is just.. Eh to me right now. But Ne-Yo is the ish.. So, I'm half and half on this song. The lyrics are kinda funny.. Ne-Yo says "It's a thug and a gentleman" which is very true. It's basically like, let her take a picture with me and she's mine. It's funny, it's cool, whatever.. But it kinda seems to go on forever.

And the official video of Britney's Circus-->

This is my favorite song on the album right now, but I think the Womanizer video was better. I thought this one would be, but I completely lied to myself. Oh well.. It's still good. Kinda reminds me of the Slave video.. Kinda.

K, Enjoy! And if it's finals week for you, good luck! Always check back in if you need a quick break from the studying! ;)


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