Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is the FIRST EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW for love, elizabethany!

PHZ-Sicks is a rapper from Northern Virginia and just released an online mixtape, available for download here, called "The Feature Presentation."

I gave him a call to find out more about the mixtape, him, and how he feels about a certain recent SNL skit.

Check it out.. Now!

**Please keep in mind it IS the first one I have done, I'm using a free audio editor, and a terribly slow computer. There are a couple kinks, but they will be fixed as I do more.**

exclusive love, elizabethany: Phz-Sicks interview - elizabethany feat. phz-sicks

Make sure to check out PHZ-Sicks' NEW mixtape, "The Feature Presentation" on his Myspace right now!!


PS: The next interview will feature Duke Nice!

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