Tuesday, December 9, 2008

learn how to be a.. what?!

Ohh, the iPhone is just the greatest thing to ever hit the market, isn't it?!

To make it even better, there is now a game that teaches you how to be a drug dealer!

Think "Dope Wars," but a little more real.

I take that back. A LOT more real.

It "teaches" you, and more like allows you, to buy and sell all sorts of drugs. It's all about the business.

Oh and did I mention that because the iPhone has a GPS built in, and you sell from real places, it's leading kids to do the REAL DEAL?! Check out this preview:

Obviously parents are up in arms.. I can't say I blame them really. This is really serious.

I feel like it really will make it a lot easier to do all of this, even for younger kids. And with just the touch of a button, you can find all of the dealers in your area!! WHAT!!!

Yikes, technology.. Slow down before our world turns into something like h-e-double hockey sticks.


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