Wednesday, December 17, 2008

today's life lessons 121708

You know those unwritten rules like "you shouldn't eat too much candy or you might get a tummy ache" or something?

Okay, bad example. But they're out there. We know them. Well, most of us do. But these people had to learn them the hard way.

1. You shouldn't trespass in a place you're not welcome.

The little guy tried to run into the school at super fast speeds and turn the corner... But the floors must have been newly waxed.. Or it was just someone's way of saying "you don't belong here."

Yeah, that's actually a DEER! How does it even get into the school first of all?!

Maybe it was trying to play its own senior prank or something.. But clearly it didn't end the way he had it in mind. He's slip sliding around EVERYWHERE!

2. Don't juggle oversized objects.

That's great if you can juggle fire or whatever.. But some things are better left in your hands.

Who on Earth would EVER decide this was a good idea?! Juggling bowling balls?!

The worst part about this is that a little bystander kid gets the BRUNT of the good time.

No wait, I lied. The worst part is that it's a little kid, but it's still hilarious.

3. Don't use a rolling chair as a stool.

Must I say anything about this ahead of time? No. Just skip ahead to :25.

My goodness. And was this guy trying to steal stuff out of here?! Cuz, if so, he's just the ULTIMATE idiot. And took QUITE the fall!

4. Don't sit near a pool or fountain.

Seriously. Don't do it. Especially in public places. And DEFINITELY not when you have regular clothes on.

Even though I think this might have been a friend that pushed her in, I don't think she saw it coming. She's pissed. And a moron.

However, it would have been even better had she fallen flat on her face when she ran away. Dang.

So there are your life lessons of the day. Learn from someone else's example.. Don't be the example.


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