Wednesday, December 17, 2008

what the h

Forget finding a chicken head in your McNugget.

Forget finding Jesus in your ceiling tile.

Forget finding a finger in your soup.

Try finding a foot in your baby's brain.

Colorado doctors saw a tumor in baby Sam's brain during an ultrasound and quickly delivered the baby. When he went in to remove the tumor, he found a lot more than he thought he might.

There was a growth that the doctor says just "popped out".. And ended up being a foot. He also found intestines, and the beginning of another foot, hand, and thigh.

If you can handle all the gory gross-ness, there's a picture, right here.

That is.. wow. Uhh. What do you even say about this!? Imagine if this was your kid!

All the mama is saying is that it's a miracle baby.. And I can't say I disagree!

The fact that you found this and didn't FREAK YOUR FREAK, Doc, is something I'll never understand. You're a trooper.


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