Wednesday, December 10, 2008

here he comes

While most of the country is going to be celebrating because Bush is headed OUT of DC and into Dallas, his neighborhood could stand to make the wait a little longer.

Apparently they're worried that the nighborhood will be surrounded with tons of haterade when he comes back.

Uh... Duh!?

But what IS crazy about all of this is the kind of neighborhood he lives in.

It's an ALL WHITE neighborhood. Literally. The neighborhood's covenant states that only white people can occupy the houses.. Unless, of course, they are a servant of another race.

Wow. WHAT! No one has overturned this in some way yet?!

And no wonder these people are worried! They have NO diversity in their life, so any change and they're going to freak their freak!

Good neighborhood, George. Realllll classy.


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