Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I've said it before, but some animals are just absolutely, amazingly smart, and often take care of other animals.

After a hurricane, two white tiger baby cubs were born, and had to be separated from their mama. They were taken to a zoo in Miami where a CHIMP became their new mom. The carer there said "She likes to pet them and see how they're doing and if they're crying she gives them a finger to pacify on like you would a baby.Or she gives them a bottle to feed them on."

Check out these ridiculously adorable pictures:

OH.. MY... GOODNESSS!!!!!!

Seriously. This is real. Not fake.

No Photoshop.

Look at the tiger kissing the chimp! And she's holding them like BABIES! Like real babies!

And that second to last one. Seriously. They're SMILING at each other!!!

And she's FEEDING THEM!!!!!

I swear this is real. And so incredible. All my life these have been my 2 favorite animals, and I've always wanted a chimp, and this is why. They are so flipping smart it is unreal. It's like seeing humans in animal form.

Oh my goodness. I just want them in my arms and my life right now. Who's with me in trying to kidnap them?!


PS: The cubs ended up being returned to their mom after a couple months, and they still love the chimp mama, but soon they're going to be too big to play together. :(

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