Wednesday, December 10, 2008

another one bites the dust

Grey's Anatomy is really slacking in the keep-your-characters-around department. Dr. Hahn left recently not just because they decided they didn't like the lesbian character thing, but also because of her unhappiness.

It's also rumored that Katherine Heigl wants out some point at the end of this season. [Maybe that's why her storyline is so awkward and weird right now..?]

Now, sweet George is peacin' too.

Apparently he hasn't been happy on the set in a while, and he's finally taking action. He's expressed his feelings for wanting to leave, and dismissed his makeup and hair crews. Now all that's left is for the show runner, Shonda Rhimes [I feel like her name should be Rhonda Shimes, not that...] to plan his exit.

It's a shame this show has pretty much gotten whatever curse The OC did.. Characters wanting out, awkward storylines throughout the new season... Hopefully it won't be the death of the show, but at this point, my hopes are dwindling.

Byebye Georgey boy! It was nice knowing you as a resident for a day or two maybe.


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