Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Alright, it's about time I start a CHRISTMAS countdown, eh?!

Sorry.. I know NOTHING about the other holidays, minus what I saw on The OC about "Christmukkuh" or however you spell it... So Christmas is my focus!

Today's Christmas diddy is a new song by Day26.. AKA one of the most underrated groups out there right now. The only fans they have are MTB fans I feel, and that's a shame. Stupid Diddy isn't doin his job for THEM... Just for HIM!

Anyways, here's This Christmas!

It's not the most Christmasy song out there.. But I like the song a lot! I've listened a good 5 times already.

Chris Brown's "This Christmas" still tops my charts, but this song I do indeed love, and it fits right in with 98 Degrees' "This Gift."

Listen. Download. Now.

I love you Day26.


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