Tuesday, December 23, 2008

bring back slam books

This is going to have little.. No wait.... No importance to anything going on in the world right now, except my life, and the life of my best friend.

HOWEVER, almost any girl can probably relate.

Who remembers SLAM books?! Ya know, the notebooks you had in middle or high school, that you passed between a couple of friends and wrote notes to each other on the regular? You definitely never mentioned outsiders' real names, it was all in code, and most people even cut out pictures of magazines and taped them to the front to add a little flavor.

Well, tonight my BFF Kelly and I looked through a couple of our old slammers. [I'm not quite sure why we had multiple.. We never made it to the "Party time!" pages that were in the dead center of the books, but whatever..] We sat and laughed for probably a good hour or two reading everything we wrote and our ridiculous quotes and pictures that we drew. [For example, one quote I said was "Dream your dreams.." which I apparently made up. Kelly said the ever so delightful yet depressing Winnie the Pooh quote; "If you die in 100 days, I wish to die in 100 minus 1 so that I never have to live without you." And Tracy had written one that I apparently said one day; "I'm always off in my own world. It's okay. They know me there."]

Here's where I'm going with this: As much as we can look back at these and say "wow, we were losers for this," I don't agree one bit. With all of this online chatting and emailing, there's no telling where they all get deleted to, so how will we ever dig them up when we're moving out of our parents' house? What are we going to dig through our recycle bins on our computers? No.. They've been emptied.

I'm one who LOVES memories, and I must say, it was fun reading through these books tonight.. And it hurts me to think that they won't be "continued." I won't go back when I'm 30 and read notes from when I was 20.

So, what I'm proposing is, we all stop being "too cool" and bring back the SLAM BOOKS!!

Yes, I'm serious. Pictures, quotes, dates, crushes, and all. Might as well throw in the game of M.A.S.H. while we're at it. We know those were the good times, anyways. And we need a way to remember all of the ridiculous things we did when we were in our "primetime."


PS: I haven't given this a good read, yet.. But if you do brush off the dust of your SLAM book after reading this, this site can tell you what your words say about you as a teenager.. Psh.

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