Tuesday, December 23, 2008

holy wow that hurts me

I must warn you, if you're not good with seeing broken bones, bad injuries, whatever of that sort, move on to the next post. This one is not for you.

However, I might add, that I normally do not do well with such things, but these almost fascinate me.

Check it out.. This is DeAndre Brown, of Southern Mississippi, during the New Orleans Bowl today.

Oh.. My.. Goodness. Can you imagine?!?!

It's like what happened to Joe Theismann, except way more of a freak accident. No one even hit him at that part of his leg!

And look at the defender. Okay, actually, you can't really tell from this video, but he does the same thing the guy did with Theismann. Goes over to help him up, then throws his hands on his head, and freaks out trying to wave somebody to come over.

Seriously, this is gross.. But at the same time, it's like he's a rubber doll, and it doesn't seem real!

How people can look at their leg, or any part of their body for that matter, when it's like that, is beyond my imagination! Ya'll got some kinda ability to be able to hold your composure. I envy you.


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