Tuesday, November 18, 2008

tunes on tuesday 111808

There is SOO much I could post today. I might have to stretch it out to tomorrow, too so that I can get in some other stories tonight!!

Britney's whole album has been leaked.. And as much as I want to download all of it, I refuse. I'm waiting til December 2nd, scouts honor. But in the meantime, I can post some of the songs, right?!

I did Kill the Lights last week, this week I have the album's title song, Circus.

Not a bad song, I like how the beat switches up on it throughout.. I also like how the chorus kicks in. I'll save my full review for December, though. ;)

Chamillionaire feat. Ludacris--> Creepin (Solo)

"Like Barack is on speed dial.." Don't know if you guys caught that whole line, but it's good. :) The song is alright.. I enjoy it. Very Chamillionaire-ish. :) Not sure if I will play it over and over again, but it's nice to have.

Chris Brown--> Believer

I feel like between this, Dreamer, and Forever, he's got quite the set, eh?! I like it a lot. A lot a lot. Good lyrics, he's awesome no matter what, and I can just imagine him dancing around town in a sweater that changes colors with it.

Neyo--> All Day Long

all day long - ne-yo

This is a really cool song. Neyo is just cool in general, but this has kind of an older, movie soundtrack feel to it, and I really like it. By old I mean pretty much before our time. The lyrics are cute, too, but the song is just really smooth and catchy. I love it.

The Dream--> Cringing

Cringing (Prod. By Co Stars) -F-N-H- BABY!! - The Dream

I feel like the Dream always flies right under the radar. He's good. This song is good, too. Not what I expected from the name at first, but I think it's actually better than what I assumed.

Omarion--> Get Her

He's alive!! I feel like I haven't heard anything from him in FOREVER!! And, though I like the song, I don't think it fits him very well. It would fit Justin or even Usher better, don't ya think? I don't know. I'm glad he's doing something, and I like the song, but it coulda been better.

Also check out Jamie Foxx's "Nothin From Ya"

Another great song from T-Pain, "Get Naked on the Dancefloor"

I can't post everything tonight! I will do more tomorrow. :) In the meantime--> gather the iPods. ;)


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