Wednesday, November 19, 2008

absolutely terrible

How do these people get custody of their kids?!

This guy has custody of his kids. His ex-wife found out about a story on YouTube he had posted of their kids.

What was it? Her 2 year old getting beat up in what she calls a toddler cock-fight.

What! I can't believe he PICKS THE KID UP to stop him from helping the little guy. AND! He's egging them on! He's done? It's bleeding? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

I know far too many people who want kids and deserve them more than anyone I know, but can't.. And then there are these people running around. It's disgusting.

And if you think it's funny, so do you. Because at the beginning, yea, it's not that crazy. But when you hear the dad doin' what he's doing, and realize he's taping it to post online, it's WAY beyond not being okay.

You're a bad person, Mr.


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