Wednesday, November 19, 2008

that's a big boy

The fattest man in the world once weight 87 stones.. Which in our terms, means 1218 pounds!!! Woah.

And he recently "slimmed down" for his wedding to 47 stones, about 658 pounds. Slim... right...........

Anyways, that's not even the most interesting part. For his wedding, he couldn't lift up the lower half of his body, making it impossible to consummate his marriage. BUT, thanks to his friends, they built him a 3 foot ramp that made it possible to get it done.

“We have finally had sex and we are a true couple in the eyes of God. We feel like we are in heaven here on Earth.”
--Manuel Uribe, the fattest man on Earth

First of all.. Even if he did lift his body up, would it really still be possible even with all of that excess, mm, nookage..? Second, how has he not died?! What is the official life-threatening obesity weight? I feel like it's a lot lower than 600 pounds.

Finally, props to his wife, seriously! Not that I know how big she is, but that's GOT to be hard. And no, I'm not shallow.

Have fun, guys! Please, no sex tapes.


PS: To see an even more revealing picture, click here. I can't stand to look at it anymore, let alone post it on my blog.

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