Tuesday, November 18, 2008

this won't help

There's a book called "Hot Chicks With Douchebags" out and as you can imagine, it's causing quite the fuss.

Most of the fuss involves guys suing for libel because of being called d-bags.. And girls suing because of being called someone who associates with those guys.

Oh boy.

The page below, pg. 202, shows popped collar, spiked hair, Vegas man Michael Minelli being pictured, and called "Douche Nine," apparently a new classification on the periodic table.. And he's certainly not happy about it.

He's claiming that the inclusion of his photograph in the book has subjected him to "hatred, contempt, and humiliation" and has resulted in "friends, acquaintances, coworkers, employees, and strangers alike" calling him a "douchebag."

Yes, this is a very serious lawsuit. As in going to the courts.

Can you imagine being a part of the jury for this? I would die laughing. D-bag isn't a serious reputation killer, is it?! I mean, maybe it's a reputation killer, but it's such a ridiculous word! Who cares if it's in a book?!

Mr. Minelli is it? Yeah, um, this whole suing because you were called a d-bag is only going to make you more of one. Your friends are making fun of you, but I'm sure they'd let it go if you did. Now, you're all over the internet. Congratulations.


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